Jett Photography Welcomes Boudoir

Yesss the time has finally come!!! The new addition to Jett Photography is BOUDOIR. I am so excited to launch this part of my business, ya'll!! I've been asked so many times to capture these types of images for brides and now I can finally say YES to their....lingerie! (See what I did there??? They said yes to the dress and I tweaked it a little bit hehe!)

Jett Photography uses a natural light studio to capture the boudoir sessions and there is a little bit of travel involved to get there so make sure to make a good road trip playlist!

Price: $100 for studio space rental + $50 travel.shooting fee = $150 full price of session.

Jett Photography includes the "little black book" for your hubby. You and I select the images and their order for the book and I'll pay for the rest! <3

How to tell if Jett Photography is the right photographer for your session:

  1. Classy - This is a word I want to keep in mind because a lot of boudoir sessions in the photography world don't keep things classy. I want to show off your natural beauty, not a fake fantasy. Nothing provacative.

  2. Fun Spirited - A boudoir session with JP is full of laughter, jokes, and dancing but also a whole lot of seriousness. The more comfortable you are, the more fun we have!

  3. Confident - Be confident in your body....your stretch marks...your laugh...EVERYTHING. These are for your handsome future hubby, THINK ABOUT THAT. Show him who he's marrying, lady!

  4. Natural Light Look - Natural light and natural self, I say. JP is not a flash based business so there will be use of window light and reflectors.

  5. Lover of Lace - Lace everything. Lace is so elegant and so beautiful. Make sure you have lots and lots of lace. (This isn't to tell if I'm the right photographer for you, I just wanted to tell you that lace is the way to go!)

  6. Must Have Jett Photography As Your Wedding Photographer - No random stranger requests, please.