TOP 10 OF 2018

Hey ya’ll!! HOW IS IT ALREADY 2019???? Oh my goodness, how fast time flies!!! I literally am blown away by how fast this past year went by!!! 2018 was a year full of growth, lessons learned, and character building for me. Jett Photography grew so much and with that, all I can say is THANK YOU to my clients. You all truly made this year so wonderful for me and I am forever grateful for your trust, love, support, and kind words. And with that said, I want to show ya’ll my TOP 10 IMAGES OF THE YEAR. Of course, I had the hardest time choosing a few favorites because let’s be real…….I loved everything I shot this year. So narrowing the photos down to a two digit number was suppppppperrrr tough but I tried! :)


THIS IMAGE IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. It was definitely took me out of my comfort zone because photographing a dancer is SO MUCH different than photographing a regular portrait of someone. When I took this photo, I seriously felt like it took my breath away. It was refreshing creating something that brought such elegance and confidence to the table. | Photographed at a styled shoot.


When I look at this image, it truly relaxes my soul. I know….SO GEEKY to say but it truly does do that!! Sometimes taking simple elements and combining them into a beautiful concept is NEEDED for a creative mind. I love love love love loveeeeeeee this image, with my WHOLE HEART.


Oh my goodness, I probably look at Brooke and Eric’s photos every other day because it is still one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever. The love these two have for each other is so special and I was so thankful they asked me to come to Jacksonville, FL to photograph them all over their sweet little town!!!!! Out of all the photos we took that weekend, I think this still ranks #1 in my heart because….well, I think it’s pretty self explanatory.


This year I got to work with a lot of LEO/ FIRE/ EMT/ MIL couples and let me just say this…..I LOVED IT. I love getting to know the stories of each and every one of the couples because each of their journeys are different - which is so cool because they’re all standing up for the SAME thing. I love it. This photo makes me so happy and I hope it makes you that way too! :)


Bridal portraits are always a win when you have a bride this photogenic!!! I loved taking these photos of Rachel and I probably cried five times because I was so excited to get back home and edit them!!! AND LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS, PHEW.


Talk about a photo bomb…..;) While editing a wedding gallery, I came across this image where I accidentally focused on myself and surprisingly….I LOVE IT. It’s me in my element, and I absolutely loveeeeeeee photographing weddings. So it gets my vote!


Oh how I love family sessions!!! This session was filled with so many giggles, mama bear hugs, and hand holding so of course it was a great night!!! This sweet image is my favorite.


Here comes the tears…..OH MY GOODNESS these bridesmaids made me bawl my eyes out when they saw Cassy in her wedding dress. They cried, “awwwwww”ed , and gave her the biggest hug ever - it was a moment to truly remember.


This image was taken at a styled shoot on Jekyll Island which is such a special place for my family so the second I found out that I was going to take photos there……I JUMPED WITH JOY. If I had to narrow it down to one photo from the whole day, I would choose this one. The colors, the happiness on their faces, and the love these two shared was just so fun to work with!!!


Jett Photograph Shoot And Share Images (36).jpg

Last but not least ya’ll - I toooootttalllllyyyy am a Frank Sinatra loving/40’s movie playing soul and that’s all I can think of when I look back at this image of Lindsey and Conner!!! It is by far my most favorite wedding exit photo that I’ve ever taken! The vintage car, the pearls, and the black/white editing - totally loving it!!! YAS!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!! I absolutely loved choosing my top 10 images from this past year. Again, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without my wonderful clients….SO THANK YOU!! :)