Boho Session with Maggie

Tonight I got to photograph a classmate of mine and I am so proud of how the images turned out!!!! Ya'll, Maggie totally rocked this session. Maybe it's because her style is literally so down to Earth that it was SO easy to photograph her....YUP, THAT'S PROBABLY IT. This photo shoot is by-far one of my favorites just because I got to let my creative juices out with no pressure of perfection. I just saw the light and told her to jump in the grass for a picture and she did it. This session was just what I needed to inspire me to do more creative photographs during this busy month of mine!!! Surrounding yourself with a positive/creative community is essential for a healthy lifestyle in this business. You need positive and uplifting friends who will encourage your work and your ideas. I'm thankful for the friendship I've grown with Maggie over the last couple of days because she is exactly the positive energy every photographer needs!! Enjoy the photos from tonight down below!! Xoxo!