Ivy | Sunrise at Arabia Mountain

When waking up to my alarm at 5:45 A.M. for this photo shoot...I was so drained. When I refreshed my memory of the scenery ontop of the mountain, I jumped out of bed with a huge smile on my face and headed out the door! I'm so thankful for friends that model for me when I get in these creative funks!!! Ivy was so sweet and offered to model for me which turned out to be a TOTAL success. Everything was so natural with her and I was so giddy behind the camera because she knew exactly what to do without me saying it. Arabia Mountain was the perfect background for this portrait session! One thing I told Ivy while we were shooting was that "I never want to make photography feel like a desk job" and I really mean that. This session reminded me that even when I'm busy with weddings or other photo shoots, it's still great to go and create something new. Instead of focusing on the veil and bouquet, I focused on this amazing sunrise and just went for it.

I had to put the sunrise silhouette photo, above, by itself because I just wanted y'all to see how beautiful the sky was. When we got up to the top and waited for the sun to arise, I couldn't help but smile. Everything was so golden and pink! I loved it!!!!! Okay, enjoy the rest of the photos below!