Daytona Beach | Landscape Photography

A little fun fact about me - I LOVE THE BEACH. Hearing the waves crash on the shore and hearing the seagulls all around with the breeze blowing…..phew, there is nothing like it. This month my family and I went to Daytona Beach for a few days of relaxation and I must say, it was a success!!! I tried not to stay on my camera this whole trip because I have a habit of doing that but I DID snap some photos during the sunrises I watched, does that count?! :)

Day one:

Because I watched day two’s sunrise with my grandma on our balcony - I didn’t want to bring out my camera. It’s always good to take a little rest from taking photos and just be present in the moment…..SO I DID! :)

Day three:


Day four:

Hey Dad :) He watched the sunrise with me for this one!

Day five:

Then I snapped a quick photo of my grandma and my dad taking photos - hehe :)