The Reserve At Hendricks Wedding | Covington, GA | Jett Photography

The Reserve At Hendricks Wedding | Covington, GA | Jett Photography

Loved photographing Nathan and Samantha’s wedding at The Reserve At Hendricks in Covington! The prettiest venue, the sweetest couple, and the most impacting wedding ceremony I have ever photographed. The love these two have for each other is so beautiful and I can’t wait for you guys to see these images. <3

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Vow Renewal at The Magnolia House in Jonesboro, Georgia | Jett Photography

Vow Renewal at The Magnolia House in Jonesboro, Georgia | Jett Photography

The sweetest vow renewal happened Thursday evening and my whole heart exploded!!! Mysti and Ethan have the most beautiful love for each other and it was magical to watch/photograph. God truly worked wonders when He brought these two together. Thank you for letting me be your vow renewal photographer, sweet love birds.

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Jett Photography Welcomes Boudoir

Yesss the time has finally come!!! The new addition to Jett Photography is BOUDOIR. I am so excited to launch this part of my business, ya'll!! I've been asked so many times to capture these types of images for brides and now I can finally say YES to their....lingerie! (See what I did there??? They said yes to the dress and I tweaked it a little bit hehe!)

Jett Photography uses a natural light studio to capture the boudoir sessions and there is a little bit of travel involved to get there so make sure to make a good road trip playlist!

Price: $100 for studio space rental + $50 travel.shooting fee = $150 full price of session.

Jett Photography includes the "little black book" for your hubby. You and I select the images and their order for the book and I'll pay for the rest! <3

How to tell if Jett Photography is the right photographer for your session:

  1. Classy - This is a word I want to keep in mind because a lot of boudoir sessions in the photography world don't keep things classy. I want to show off your natural beauty, not a fake fantasy. Nothing provacative.

  2. Fun Spirited - A boudoir session with JP is full of laughter, jokes, and dancing but also a whole lot of seriousness. The more comfortable you are, the more fun we have!

  3. Confident - Be confident in your body....your stretch marks...your laugh...EVERYTHING. These are for your handsome future hubby, THINK ABOUT THAT. Show him who he's marrying, lady!

  4. Natural Light Look - Natural light and natural self, I say. JP is not a flash based business so there will be use of window light and reflectors.

  5. Lover of Lace - Lace everything. Lace is so elegant and so beautiful. Make sure you have lots and lots of lace. (This isn't to tell if I'm the right photographer for you, I just wanted to tell you that lace is the way to go!)

  6. Must Have Jett Photography As Your Wedding Photographer - No random stranger requests, please.

Rock Springs Wedding

AUGH - WHAT A DREAM WEDDING. Happy couples make me happy! Pure joy and big smiles make me happy!! This wedding day was full of special happy moments but to me, my favorite memory was right before the wedding started. After Kaitlyn was back downstairs after her blindfolded first look with Michael - calming herself down before her big ceremony, Michael ripped off his blindfold and said "Man I feel it, I can feel her beauty." Everyone in the room all teared up, y'all. He was smiling so big and pretty much danced up the stairs to his groomsmen after that. It was so special and so surreal. I love couples that are so madly in love with each other. ❤ This wedding was such a dream to capture, enjoy the preview photos hehehe!! #wearethemillers