Taylor McHenry Summer Shoot

Let me just start out with this.....TAYLOR NEEDS TO MODEL. I've been wanting to take pictures with her for the longest time and FINALLY we both had clear schedules to do this styled shoot - YAY!!! I wanted to incorporate sunflowers as well as a more natural look for the model which she did amazing with her hair choice of a loose braid - perfect for this photoshoot. This session was full of fun, laughter, and pretty flowers - what more could you ask for?!?!

Then we started walking around the McDonough Square and found even more flowers...so of course we had to photograph with them!!!! I pretty much told Taylor to jump in the flower bushes and she happily did it - which was SO worth it because the images came out beautiful!!!

Oh wait, it gets better.....THEN we found a bush of flowers that matched her lipgloss!!! HOW AWESOME? I was fangirling the whole time! These are probably my most favorite images from the shoot.

Overall, this was just an amazing session!! Thank you Taylor for letting me take your pictures!! :) Have a great night, ya'll! Thanks for checking out the blog!!